Best Tactical Belt for Work Pants

Sometimes work pant sizes are just that little bit too loose and need a bit of help from a belt. Belts for manual workwear should be heavy duty and durable enough to last whilst undertaking manual tasks.

We look at the best tactical belt for work pants .

Our top-rated: Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt. We liked the quick-release buckle.

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Comparison of Tactical Belts

Tactical BeltMaterialColors
Fairwin Tactical BeltNylon WebbingBlack , Brown, Green
5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.5-Inch Convertible TDU BeltNylon WebbingBlack, Coyote, Green
CQR Tactical beltNylon WebbingBlack, Navy, Khaki, Green, Army Green, Brown
Tru-Spec Men’s Security FriendlyNylon WebbingBlack, Charcoal, Coyote, Olive Drab, Tan
KingMoore Tactical BeltNylonBlack, Green, Khaki

1. Fairwin Tactical Belt

The Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt have been made with a hint of military and law enforcement design.

It is made with webbed high quality nylon. It breathable and dries fast, which is great for outdoor use.

The sizes of the belts cater for men with waist size 30”-54”

the belt width is 1.5″ and the buckle it self is 2″. The buckle will need to be removed to loop through standard pant loops.

The belt is perfect for manual workwear inside and out.

It has large metal buckle alloy perfect for heavy duty tasks.

The main features of Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt

  • Made with High Quality Nylon
  • Easy to fasten and unfasten with Quick Release Buckle
  • Fastening: buckle
  • Ideal CCW Belt:
  • Perfect Gift

Available in three colors this is an ideal belt for work pants

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2. The 5.11 Tactical Belt

We liked: The black version of these belts. The belt were was in feel yet light weight to wear and to provide breathable comfort in warmer and humid conditions.

The belt is 1.5″ wide and made with super strength nylon webbing.

If working in security settings the belt wont set off any metal detectors.

If working in muddy or messy jobs the belt can be washed without fear of it losing its color.

The belt is cost effective yet built to last

Available in sizes small to 4XL

Main features of these 5.11 Tactical Belt:

  • Made with a low profile plastic buckle
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing
  • Fastening: Buckle
  • Tactical Belt with a 1.5″
  • Three colors

The belt is perfect for wearing outside of the work setting and casual enough to wear in other settings.

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#3 CQR Tactical Belt

CQR build quality garments and top our best pants for hot weather review. These particular belts are constructed from strong webbed nylon.

The webbed nylon material is great for workers who have tough demanding jobs yet can also be worn for everyday use.

The buckle is an easy thread tip which ensures fast on and off when wearing.It is also made from plastic so you can walk straight through metal detectors.

It is 1.5 inch thick. Suitable for wearing as a belt but if you want to carry additional gear we would advise a size up.

Main features of the CQR Tactical Belt:

  • Rip resistant
  • Perfect for manual jobs
  • Suitable for military, construction, maintenance and everyday wear
  • Available from size small to XXL
  • Non metal

The belt comes with a 30 day no risk 100% full refund due to CQR confidence that you will have in this belt.

A great choice for your workwear.

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4. Tru Spec Men’s Tru Security Belt

These Tru Spec belts 100% webbed nylon. They are a firm favorite with trade workers.

A comfortable sturdy belt that will withstand the rigours of tough work.

They are available in different colors.

This nylon belt is travel-friendly, strong enough for a tactical mission or for fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, water sports; Suitable as a daily wear with all pants

This tactical belt is constructed from a pliable, durable, fade and rip-resistant webbing nylon providing lightweight comfort

The Elastic material keeps the belt end secure and 1-3/4 Inch wide strap is designed to fit most belt loops

Features of the Tru-Spec Men’s Tru Security Belt:

  • 100% Webbed Nylon
  • Well built durable construction
  • Fully adjustable belt
  • Non metal design
  • Can be used for everyday use

A good choice for workwear and everyday use.

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5. KingMoore Tactical Belt

A quality built belt that is lightweight but also provide long lasting comfort.

Features of Kingmoore Tactical Belt:

  • 100% Webbed Nylon
  • Strong aluminium alloy buckle
  • Can be used in all settings
  • Thickened belt in three different colors
  • Stylish

A high grade stylish belt that is suitable for all setting in and out of work.

Ideal for manual jobs, construction, electricians, security, police, outdoors.

It is 2″ thick an available from medium to XL

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Buying Advice for Belts


The material of the belt used is an important factor. Belts should be washable and strong enough to hold up to the stresses you may place upon it during a working day.

Webbed nylon is advised as it is a breathable material.

Fit and Size

Most manufacturers have a sizing chart, do double check as not all sizes

The standard belt width is 1.5″ but if you plan on using pouches or weapons on the belt you may want to go a size or two up.


The choice of belt for your job is an important choice during the working day.

The belt should be cool enough to make you comfortable but strong enough to last.

Belts are often carry out two functions. One is its purpose to keep your pants in position if they wriggle loose and the other is style.

For work pants keeping them in position is your number one priority but most belts can double up for everyday use.

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