Best Men’s Waterproof Pants for Work 2021

The best waterproof pants protect workers during wet weather conditions. There isn’t anything worse than working whilst wet.

When working outside in construction or other professions we are going to need the best waterproof protection for our legs and remain comfortable outdoors.

We look at the best men’s waterproof pants for work.

Our top-rated: We liked the Columbia Rebel Roamer Pant

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The best waterproof work pants were the Columbia Rebel Roamers

Best Premium

The best premium option of waterproof trousers was the Carhartt Shoreline

Best Budget

The best budget version was the ACME Projects Rain Pants

Waterproof Pants Comparison

Columbia Rebel Roamer- Best Choice for Waterproof Work Pants

Our No 1 choice for waterproof work pants doesn’t pack a wide range of features but they do exactly what is required of them and that is to protect from wet weather.

They are a quality product that rival other waterproof pants that are double their price.

To start with the pants are comfortable to wear and this is high on the requirements for workers who will wear them for long periods of time.

They also sit low on the waist, making it comfortable when moving and wearing other wet weather work gear like a rain jacket.

The bands work well at shoe and waist level and prevent rising and lowering of the pants.

The pants are on the baggy side but we preferred this to being tight especially when working manually.

The fabric inside the pants felt fine when not wearing any layers underneath.

The main features of the Columbia Rebel Roamer are:

  • Durable Work Pants
  • Waterproofing qualities especially in storms
  • Water-resistant to protect against all weathers
  • Built to last

For waterproof quality pants you cant go far wrong with these Rebel Roamers but there is one small drawback. The pants do lack ventilation.

If you are planning on carrying out intensive work in wet warm weather conditions it may suit you to look for an alternative pair.

If however you just want straight up waterproof pants to protect from the rain then these are a great choice.

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Carhartt Shoreline PantsBest Premium Waterproof Pants

Carhartt always features on our lists of best pants, simply because they build quality pants for any occasion. Please note that we don’t have any affiliation with Carhartt’s.

These Shoreline pants are designed for working in the wettest of conditions and you can work hard in them as well.

The way the pants are designed to allow more than enough ventilation to release the moisture that can build up in some work pants.

The beauty of these pants is that they can be worn over other pants, jeans or shorts. This is handy if you don’t wish to wear the rainproof pants all day and just keep them close to hand.

There is more than enough room to manoeuvre well in these and are slightly baggier than normal pants to allow them to worn other items of clothing.

As they have been designed to be worn over your day to day clothes this means that they can be worn all year round and protect in all seasons.

Features of the Carhartt Shoreline Pants:

  • Durable Pants
  • Extremely Water Resistant
  • Made with Storm Defender Technology
  • Well ventilated and breathable
  • 100% Nylon Material
  • Fully taped waterproof seams

We tested these pants in storm conditions and they passed the test with ease. No wet areas had occurred whatsoever.

The rain simply channels down to the ground.

When tested in humid wet conditions again we found them comfortable and the moisture had been wicked away from the internal of the pants.

The leg cuffs are big enough to go over safety boots or normal boots. If you are wearing them over waterproof boots this will keep all of your lower extremities dry.

There are zippers at ankle level that allow you to create more room for boots and putting on and taking off the pants.

There is a rear pocket which is protected with a zipper and pull over flap.

The pants are double and triple stitched at the seams which means they can withstand rigorous movements time and time again.

They can also be used in your leisure time for hiking and outdoor activities.

These really are a quality all year round water resistant pants that will protect from adverse conditions whilst you work.

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ACME Projects Waterproof PantsBest Budget Option

If you are looking for a pair of pants that are affordable and designed to keep you dry then these are a great option.

The pants allow enough room to move about whilst undertaking work. The pants were slightly larger than expected so double-check the sizing before purchasing.

We tested them out on a windy rainy day on a construction site and they did their job. They got a bit muddy on the outside by they cleaned up well.

They are ideal for wearing over your normal work clothes as an additional layer.

The only real downside of these pants breathability isn’t great and they may become too warm during hot humid weather for long periods of time. For the pricing point though they do their job well.

The ACME Waterproof Projects features:

  • Sealed Seams
  • Breathable
  • Hand Pockets
  • Drawcord and elastic waist
  • Velcro adjustment at the leg base

If you are looking at getting a pair of weatherproof pants for the occasional wet weather then these are a good choice.

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There aren’t many things worse than becoming wet whilst working.

Investing in a quality pair of waterproof pants will enable you to continue working whether it is simply a small shower or a storm condition.

Wearing the pants with a quality jacket and boots enables the comfort and also helps with morale.

Due to the conditions they are being worn in always check that they are durable enough.

Always store them close by because you never know when a shower may creep up on you.

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