Best Insoles for Safety Boots 2021

All workers in a construction and manufacturing environment will know the feeling of aching feet after a day of work. Safety boots are an important part of PPE in terms of protecting against accidents but they aren’t the comfiest of shoes. There is a solution, we look at the best insoles for safety boots for easing achy feet.

In our testing, we found that the Physic Gear full-length Orthotic Insert was the best-suited insole to counter the demands that are placed on your feet during the working day.

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Top 10 Insoles for Workers Safety Boots

InsoleAvailable For:Materials
Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic InsertsMale/ FemaleEVA Foam & PU
X-Muscle Shoe InsolesMale/ FemaleUD Foam & Graphene Compound
SB SoxMale/ FemaleNot Stated
Superfeet Everyday Pain Relief InsolesMale/ FemaleFoam, Vibram Diflex, Evolyte Carbon Fiber
Walk Hero ComfortMale/ FemaleEVA Foam and TPU material
Pure Stride Foot Orthotics InsolesMale/ FemaleEVA and Polypropylene
Forcare Shoe InsolesMale/ FemaleEVA Foam and Breathable Fabric
Sole Softec Response Custom FootbedMale/ FemalePolyester
Powerstep Adults InsoleMale/ FemaleEVA Foam
Currex RunproMale/ FemaleNot Stated

#1 – Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts

Our No 1 choice for insoles for work boots are based on:

  • Quality of the insoles
  • Comfort provided
  • Arch Support
  • breathable fabric.

These insoles are designed to meet the demands that are placed on your feet daily at work. These soles are designed to relieve arch and heel pain, relives painful ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia), plantar fasciitis and lower back pains.

They are manufactured using medical-grade EVA foam and PU which offers high performance and quality to the wearer.

We liked: The design was perfect when we tested for although the insoles were quite thin they fitted the safety boots well and offer comfortable support. These are ideal for those who stand on their feet all day in construction, manufacturing and other service jobs.

They are well made and will last the rigours of working on them all day. They will also help with other shoes. They absorb a lot of the impact and one of the workers stated how they helped with his flat feet, and that he purchased an extra pair.

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#2 X-MUSCLE Shoe Insoles

We liked: these insoles absorbed a lot of the shock and impact which our feet suffer during a day on building sites. They are made from a UD Foam and graphene compound ( we aren’t sure what that means either) and this contributes to a comfortable insole. Apparently the science behind it ensures that molecules in the insole absorb the shock more than the average insole.

Safety Workwear View:

These insoles fitted our safety boots and worked effectively with our work boots to allow us to work every day without the aches and pains. It helped relieve the existing conditions of some of the guys who trialled them. These insoles are designed to be cut to size so they can fit perfectly. Another added bonus is that they are eco-friendly.

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#3 SB Sox

For those looking for improved Arch and heel support then these insoles from SB Sox are a good option. They absorb the weight that is generated when you walk and move and distribute this throughout the insole. They provide effective relief from plantar fasciitis.

The Good Points: These are ideal for those who stand and move on their feet for long periods of time. They help reduce the swelling and aches that workboots are prone to.

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#4 Superfeet Everyday Pain Relief Insole

These insoles by Superfeet are designed to be worn every day and provide pain relief for those suffering from painful ailments like plantar fasciitis. They grip well to the shoe to ensure that there is not a lot of movement which is what we want when we are working on our feet all day.

We Liked:

  • Deep Heel cup helps alleviate heel pain.
  • Designed for pain relief
  • Maximum Thickness supplies extra support
  • For Everyday use

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#5 Walk Hero Comfort  

These insoles by walk hero are a low profile indole made from EVA foam and a TPU material. The insoles are designed to enhance stability and help a natural foot motion for the shock. These insoles were tested on a construction site for rigours and stress that feet are put under during daily working.

Safety Workwear view:

  • Were effective at pain relief for foot pain
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Reduced fatigue whilst wearing all-day
  • Full-length insole
  • High arch and deep heel cup

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#6 Pure Stride Foot Orthotics

These Pure Stride Orthotics are available in eleven different sizes. They are very lightweight but offer a lot of support to the arch and heel. These insoles are recommended and designed by podiatrists


  • Made from four different layers to provide comfort
  • Takes pressure away from sore points
  • Keeps feet odours at bay

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#7 Forcare Shoe Insoles

These insoles are designed to help aid pain relief for flat feet, foot pain, plantar fascitis. Deep heel cradle in a U Shape helps keep the foot in a vertical position.

These insoles were good at relieving pain and aches that happen whilst wearing work boots. We also liked that the insoles arrived the correct size and that no trimming was required.


  • Semi-Rigid Arch Support
  • Deep heel cradle section
  • Metatarsal support
  • Breathable top layer
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#8 Sole Softec Response Custom Footbed

These pair of insoles are designed to minimise the shock that our feet experience when we walk and move daily. Perfect for work boots then!


  • Good for those who have high arches
  • Sculpted insole
  • Low cushioning

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#9 Powerstep Adult Pinnacle Insole

These Powerstep insoles are perfect for work boots as they provide enough cushioning to act as an additional shock absorber for your feet. Have flexible arch support. These supports can be trimmed down to provide an exact fit to your shoe and foot.


  • Anti-microbial coating
  • Made with EVA Foam
  • Semi-Rigid arch support
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These CURREX RUNPRO were rated no.1 in a scientific study for comfort and foot pressure relief. These worked well with our work boots even though they designed for running shoes. They are available in a variety of options which are good for fitting individual feet.


  • Available in three different types to suit your foot shape.
  • Replaces the existing insole
  • Designed to reduce injury and pain.

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Work Boot Insoles Buying Guide

best insoles for work boots

Why would you need insoles?

Insoles or orthotics may benefit you if you spend the majority of the day on your feet. Workers in construction and manufacturing are prone to spending large amounts of time on their feet. The time spent on your feet can cause stress on joints resulting in a variety of problems. Your lower back pain can even be caused by muscle imbalance caused by inadequate foot support.

Workers are exposed to differing terrains but the main culprit for causing pain can be standing on concrete for the day. Work boots aren’t the most comfortable of foot coverings and you add standing and walking into the mix then it can result in some painful problems for the wearer. This is shown in our nonscientific formula:

Work Boots + Long periods standing/walking + concrete = Painful feet and joints

The demand for insoles has meant that there are a huge market and potential solutions but it is worth looking into each product as there is no one size fits all. Every person’s feet are unique and you will need the best insole for your size.

Insoles provide an additional layer of shock absorption for the wearer. They are effective for taking pressure and stress off the feet by distributing the weight in the right areas of the sole.

To add more confusion into the mix, our feet tend to work in different ways. They can lean to one side. Pronation is the term if the foot leans in as you stand or walk and supination means that you tend to walk on the outside of your feet. Insoles can help support this style of feet.

What Insoles Should You Use?

When choosing insoles there are some factors to consider:

  • Existing illness/conditions
  • Do you have bunions, calluses, hammertoes?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Are the shoes too big?
  • Do you have pain under the foot?

If the answer to any of the above was yes then you may benefit from a softer support insole.

Insole Materials

Most insoles are made from either gel or foam. The gel may be used in specific areas of the insole to take pressure from particular points. Insoles can be made from a choice of foams. The most popular foam currently used is EVA. This is used in most running shoes nowadays. Other options include polyethylene and polyurethane.

The gel or foam will be surrounded by other materials like plastic and fabric. A coating of antimicrobial may be used as well.

How to Measure your feet for insoles

With the aid of some help from a friend or family member

Cleaning and Maintenance

Insole Cleaning Instructions

Over time, especially in work boots, insoles will become dirty and maybe smelly. The best way to keep the shape and structure of fabric insoles without damaging is to hand wash. Using warm water along with some hand soap or mild detergent, apply to the insoles and use a brush to rub in.

Once the insoles have been cleaned, using a sponge or cloth, remove the remainder of the soap. Rinse and allow to dry.

Drying Instructions

The best solution is to air dry them outside naturally or place them on a window cill on a towel. An hour in standard heat should be sufficient, don’t leave to heat up too much. Make sure that the insoles are completely dry before returning them to the shoes.


Having aching feet can affect our performance at work so it is important to be able to have the best insoles and shoes on our feet to provide comfort.

The best choice for your feet can’t be emphasized enough. Check your sizing, check your gait and factor in other factors that enable the insole to work for you correctly. We hope that these two flimsy pieces of support improve your quality of life by giving you a comfier shoe.

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