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The best hard hat light gives vision for workers in dark conditions. When working at night or indoors with limited lighting it is important that you are not put at risk from your working environment. One solution is a hard hat light, torch or headlamp. When wearing a hard hat, the right headlamp can be vital in providing the best visibility. We will look at a range of factors for you to choose your best hard hat light.

The best hard hat light is the Milwaukee Electric Tools 2111-21

Top 10 Best Hard Hat Lights

Hard Hat LightLEDRechargeable Battery
Milwaukee 2111-21 USB HeadlampYesYes
DEWALT Jobsite DWHT81424YesNo
STEELMAN PRO 79052 Slim Profile LEDYesNo
MOICO 13000 Lumen YesYes
HUNLEE 1200 Lumen Head LampYesYes
Thorfire Cap Hat Light 5-LEDYesNo
COAST FL85 615 Lumen Dual Color YesNo
UVER LED HeadlampYesYes
Streamlight 61025 Trident YesNo

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2111-21 – Our Top Pick


The Milwaukee 2111-21 is an ideal hard hat light. We liked the fact that the light is rechargeable and has separate lighting modes for different conditions. The device comes with a USB rechargeable battery. There are three lamps on the headlight which inturn enable four different lighting modes. When the three lights are combined together for the high lighting mode the headlamp kicks out an impressive 475 lumens.

The headlamp is water-resistant to an IP54 rating and the glass on the lamps is shockproof. We felt that the unit is well built and the materials mean that the unit will last with good care. Depending on the setting this hard hat light should be able to last a full working shift.

Another added bonus is that it comes with hard hat clips to keep the light in place.

Another great feature of this torch is that it has 7 adjustable settings so that the light can be zoomed in to a particular location.

This headlamp delivers 475 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition output, and is capable of all-day runtime depending on the setting chosen.

It is 3 times faster charging via USB.

The adjustable straps ensured that the light would fit over our hard hats but we would invest in the hard hat clips to ensure that the light stays in position.

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STEELMAN PRO 78834 Slim Profile LED

The Steelman Pro Slim Profile utilizes LED bulbs to make a slimline headtorch, an alternative type of headlamp if space is tight and the wearer doesn’t want the bulk of the type of lamp that we have reviewed so far.

There are three different brightness options offered by the ten SMD LED’s. The headlamp has a built-in motion sensor so that the light can come on through this method or via a power button. The packaging states that run time is 3 hours on high setting.

The light has a rear safety LED that can be operated individually from the front lights and hard hat clips are included in the box. The actual light is operated on an adjustable bracket and has

The downside of this light is that the headlamp uses normal batteries and isn’t rechargeable, also there is no focus so if that is an option you want to consider, this might not be the preferred option. If the lamp is used often it can become fairly expensive to power it over time.

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DEWALT Headlamp for Jobsite

The Dewalt Rechageable headlamp is a unit suitable for a hard hat light. It is powered by three AAA batteries. This unit has three LED lamps that can be combined in different ways to offer different light settings. It lights to 200 Lumen.

We liked that the lamp angle could be altered to 45 degrees and that the light could be dispersed in various ways but adjusting the focus. This can be extremely helpful when working in dark conditions so that the light is focussed on just the work area.

The head torch is rated to IPX54 water resistance which will be protected against the elements.

Again as with the lamp above this headlight, the battery life is pretty good.

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Earth’s Appeal USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp

The Earth Appeal Hard Hat Light is a three lamp offering. USB charging to the units fitted two batteries, the batteries can be changed so that if they run out they can simply be swapped ideal for activities that take time. It comes with 4 different lighting modes. It has a water resistance level of IPX5. If you are looking for a powerful bright light this is a very good option.

We liked that the light has a battery indicator so that it can be charged in advance. We also liked the focus that can be altered on this light when using up close but we found that the wide range wasn’t as good. It also has a rear light that can strobe warning others of your presence which can be important whilst working.

The straps can be adjusted in two directions and this meant fitting it over our hard hats was no problem at all.

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MOICO 13000 Lumen 

The MOICO 13000 Lumen has 8 LED headlights. It is USB rechargeable operating on 2 3200mAh batteries. These are specified to last 6-9 hours depending on the setting used whilst at work.

We like that the 8 bulbs offer 8 different lighting options with the brightest setting showing up to 600 meters away. If a wide field of light is needed then this is definitely a good choice. It has an adjustable 90-degree head so that the light can be angled to focus on the correct areas. It is extremely bright so watch out for other people’s eyes in the immediate area.

There is also an option to operate the headlamp in a red-colored mode as well as the standard bright white mode. It has a red taillight which can be used independently to the main lights

We liked that the headlight comes with an adjustable headband which is elasticated but we would still pair with hard hat clips to protect it.

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HUNLEE 1200 Lumen Head Lamp

The Hunlee Lumen Head Lamp is a bright hard hat light. This headlamp is a one lamp option that operates off two rechargeable batteries. The packaging states that the light can operate for 24 hours in a low light setting.

We liked that although only a single lamp headlight it still had an adjustable angle option, up to 90 degrees. The light is stated to light up to 1200 meters in a straight line. It is a rating of IPX65 so it will be ideal for use in heavy rain.

It takes 6-8 hours to charge completely so this may be a downside if used regularly and something to bear in mind. We did like that the charging plug provided plugs directly into the back of the unit.

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Thorfire Cap Hat Light 5-LED

The Thorfire Cap Hat Hard Hat light has five LEDs in one lamp offering a bright working experience. It is extremely lightweight and just clips onto the visor. This option is suitable for smaller tasks where an emergency light is needed. The unit is fixed so it will work in the direction that your head is facing. It works from normal batteries and we think that this is a good option for undertaking smaller manual jobs as the battery life will be only 4 hours.

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COAST FL85 615 Lumen Dual Color 

The Coast FL85 615 Lumen Dual Color light is suitable for hard hat use as an accessory.

The big plus of this option of hard hat light is that it has a great focusing system operated in the easy to reach the lens. The led lights provide either a white or red lighting option.

The strap is reflective and the design of the light is sturdy and made from materials suitable for working in heavy industrial or construction areas. The headlamp is fitted with an angle adjusted hinge.

An added bonus is that the light is supplied with hard hat clips that keep the headlamp firmly in position.

The downside of these lights is that they do not come with a rechargeable battery option and they operated from three AAA batteries. The runtime as specified on the pack is 13 hours at a low setting and the beam distance is 77 meters on low and 183 meters at a high setting

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UVER LED Headlamp

The Uver LED Headlamp has five lamps. One large central lamp surrounded by four smaller lamps. The result of this is that the Headlamps churns out a bright light suitable for working in large spaces, up to 500 meters.

There are 4 modes to choose from using the large middle CREE LED and 4 side XPE LED on the side of it.

We like the rear red lighting indicator as an additional safety benefit. It is a rechargeable device which is another positive for us. It is IPX5 waterproof rating. The light can be focused to a small area. It comes with a mains power charger as well as a car charger for charging away from the work or home area.

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Streamlight 61025 Trident 

The Stream Light is a basic one light headlamp but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t bright. It has 4 LED lights within the one lamp, one central and three ultra-bright white LEDs. We liked that the power button is situated on top of the lamp itself and can be operated with work gloves.

The light options available mean that the lamp is ideal for close-ups and tasks that need a wider range of vision up to 35 meters in distance. It is IPX4 water-resistant rated

This headlamp isn’t rechargeable. The unit is operated from 3 AAA batteries. It does have a 90-degree tilting head feature. It is made from a sturdy rubber construction ideal for working in tougher conditions. The light comes with a rubber hard hat strap which aids with the light in not slipping.

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Hard Hat Light Helmet Clips

Helmet clips are a great accessory if using a hard hat light, especially where a lot of moving or working in tight conditions is concerned. These can be fitted to a hard hat and they are clipped over the headlight and it gives it extra protection from movement. We would advise getting a set.

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How to Choose a Hard Hat Light

Man wearing PPE including Hard Hat Light

A hard hat head torch is important, and a must-have for anyone who works outdoors or indoor with limited visibility. In the market, there are many types of head torches, and settling for one is not easy. Whether you are working at night or indoors in dark areas you need a quality head torch. Since they come with different features, you select the one that meets your needs. Some of the things you have to consider include weight, brightness, stability, comfort, cost, and how easy to use it is. The best one will be mainly determined by the activities you intend to undertake outdoor and the conditions you are likely to encounter. Here are some of the features to check out when buying a headlamp.

Brightness of Hard Hat Light

The main reason for buying a head torch is to get some light, so the brightness of your torch is important. The intensity of light is measured using lumens, which means the amount of light a human eye can see. Nowadays, head torches are labeled, and you can quickly know the lumens before you buy them. Lumens tell you about the clarity of the light using LED and can help you make a good decision depending on the head torch’s purpose.

Some torches have options that you can use to dim or brighten the light. They lumen varies from as low as 20lm up to more than 1000lm. You select the brightness you want; lower lumen is great if you wish to be seen in the darkness while a high lumen provides a floodlight to light up your pathway or the area surrounding you.

Battery Powered or a Rechargeable Head Torch

Head torches can be either rechargeable or battery powered. The main difference is that the former is recharged when the power goes down while the later requires battery replacement when they are no longer powerful to produce light.

Rechargeable battery

Rechargeable head torches have increased in the market. They have battery units that can be recharged, and some can use a portable power bank to ensure that you do not run out of power. Here is why you might opt for rechargeable head torches:

• It is perfect for intensive and frequent use.

• Easy to charge with a USB port that can also be used with a power bank.

• Lighter and smaller than battery powered. The core battery weighs 23 grams, while three LR03 or AAA batteries weigh 33 grams.

Battery Powered Head Torches

Most head torches are powered by lithium, nickel-metal hydride, or alkaline batteries. You lose the bright light when the cells go down. They are affected by temperature, and their ability can drop with as high as 20% in low temperatures. This headlamp comes in handy because:

• It works perfectly if you are looking for a head flashlight to use occasionally.

• The batteries will not self-discharge; you will still find them with power even with long periods of non-use.

• Last for a long time, as long as the batteries are changed on time.


The weight of your torch sometimes determines the lumen and lifespan of the battery. However, you should consider how you want to use to choose the best weight. For example, you cannot use a 200 grams torch when walking and operating for long periods. If you put it on your head, it’s likely to cause you instability. Some head torches; however, come with extensions that allow you to put batteries in your pocket.


The head torch should be easy to turn on and off. So, check possible it is to operate it in wet weather or when wearing gloves. Look for one with smart features and not switch one when you put in your bag or pocket. Nothing can be inconveniencing like a torch that has been on all day long, and by night, you have nothing to use.

Types of head torches

Most modern torches use LED or light-emitting diode technology. They are durable and light in weight. The bulbs require little power, unlike the standard ones.

CREE head torch

A CREE headlamp is bright and versatile. It uses LED to give out light and more than six times brighter compared to the standard LEDs. It is perfect if you are looking for a lot of brightness while engaging in outdoor activities.

Single bulb head torch

If you are looking for sufficient light, a head torch with a halogen or Krypton bulb will come in handy. They are bright, but can also produce heat. It is not as strong as an LED head torch, and you have to carry a spare bulb and batteries. It is excellent for general use at home or when there is no power. It cannot be used outdoors for long periods.

Single LED Head Torch

Modern head torches come with bright and quality white light. However, you have to choose between high powered and low powered flashlights. Some of the single LED torches have a magnifying lens, which is placed on it to enable increased light output. This is what makes a small head torch give out quality light for hours without going off.

Multi LED Array Head Torch

This type of headlight gives out more light, but it does not guarantee you a great beam distance. It is excellent for outdoor activities which is required for seeing shorter distances.

Combined Light Array or Hybrid Head Torch

This type of headlight uses a halogen or Krypton bulb. It can, however, drain the battery fast, unlike a single bulb that can go for hours. But, it is the best option if you want brilliant light to use outdoors.


Now you know what to look for when choosing a har hat head torch. You can choose among the several types depending on how you want to use or what you can afford. Hard Hat Lights are essential when working in dark conditions and poor weather and worth owning one even if you do not work for long periods of time in these conditions. Power outages can occur and will help you find your way around your home or be useful on weekend hobbies like hunting, jogging or fishing.

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