Best Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths 2021

An important part of wearing protective eyeglasses and eye googles is the visibility that they provide. Working on construction and manufacturing jobs can make eyewear dirty in no time. We look at the best eyeglass cleaning cloths for cleaning pairs of glasses and safety glasses.

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No.1 Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Our No 1 choice for cleaning cloths are the Elite Tech Gear Oversized Microfiber cloths based on:

  • Quality of the cloths provided
  • Value for money- 4 provided in the pack
  • Provided with links to videos on how to use and maintain cloths correctly.

We like the quality of the cloths. These cleaned our safety glasses in no time and with the four provided we could keep one in the workshop, one in the car and a couple at home.

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Top 10 Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

Eyeglass Cleaning ClothQuantity SuppliedSize of Cloth
Elite Tech Gear Oversized412" x 12"
Elite Tech Gear Original Size136" x 7"
Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths185.5" x 3"
Eco-Fused Six Pack67" x 6"
Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 612" x 12"
MagicFiber Microfiber66" x 7"
Care Touch Microfiber66" x 7"
Xthel Microfiber Cleaning ClothsVarious6" x 7"
Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth6 standard or 3 XL6" x 7" or 12" x 12"
Wisdompro XL416" x 16"

Elite Tech Gear Original Size- 13 pack

We liked: The pack of 12 original sized cleaning cloths is ample enough to leave in strategic places so that you should never be short of cloth or two. They are small enough to carry in pockets, backpacks, glass carry case etc

Safety Workwear View:

These pack of cloths should last a while as they are supplied with 12 original sized (6×7 inch) and one oversized cloth (12 x 12″). Not only are they excellent at cleaning eyewear but they work exceptionally well on a tablet, phone devices and GPS.

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Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Clothssmall

For those looking at eyeglass cleaning cloths that they can leave in every place, they visit then these may be the choice for you. The size is 5.5 x 3 inches so fold up small enough to carry around.

The Good Points: These are supplied in packs of 18 so you can keep them at home, work, garage- in fact almost everywhere you frequently visit.

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Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These Microfiber cleaning cloths are an ideal size to keep on you or place in handy positions. They are 7 x 6 inches in size and come in packs of 6.

We Liked:

  • The high quality of the cloths. Effective at picking up dirt.
  • Ideal for eyewear and screens
  • Re-usable and able to wash
  • Ideal for camera lenses and screens also.

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Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths  

These cleaning cloths are one of the larger products we tested. Efficient at cleaning and large but folds to a small enough size to carry.

Safety Workwear view:

  • 80/20 blend of Polyester and Polyamide
  • A large surface area so can be used more.
  • Each cloth comes in a handy zip bag.

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MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This six-pack of cleaning cloth’s comes with five black and one grey cloth. Get rid of those dirty marks on your glasses by carrying one of these around with you.


  • 6 x 7 inches in size
  • Come in their own polybag to carry around- very handy we liked this touch.
  • Can be used on touch screen devices to get rid of those grubby marks

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Care Touch Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These glass cleaning cloths are supplied in a pack of six. Safe to use on all screens and eyewear.


  • 6″ x 7″ in size.
  • Great at cleaning screens and eyewear without the use of chemicals.
  • Machine washable
  • Each cloth is individually wrapped
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Xthel Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These Cleaning cloths are available to order in different size quantities. The 30 pack is exceptionally good value.


  • Available in different pack quantities
  • Each cloth is 6 x 7 inches
  • Ideal for cleaning multiple items

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Koala Kloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

These cleaning cloths are available to purchase in two different sizes. They are available in an extra-large style which is available in packs of three or they are provided in a pack 6 normal sized cloths.


  • Available in a standard size of 6″ x 7″ or 12″ x 12″
  • The larger cloth is three times the size of the standard one.
  • Brilliant at cleaning glasses and other screens.
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Wisdompro Extra Large 

These Wisdonpro microfiber cloths are larger than standard-sized options.


  • Good at getting rid of finger marks and other greasy streaks
  • 16 x 16 inch
  • Multi use- use on glasses, screens, watch faces.

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MagicFiber Microfiber Eyeglass Pouch

An alternative to cloths is to get a pouch for the eyeglasses to keep in. This doubles as the cleaning cloth as well.


  • Comes in a four-pack
  • Comes with a builtin cleaning wipe
  • It comes with four different colors so easy to tell the different glasses you may have.
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What to look for in Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths

eyeglass cleaning cloths

Is it essential that you have a cleaning cloth?

If visibility is affected by dirt or debris then the simple answer is yes.

They are beneficial to those who wear regular glasses regularly. Most new pairs of eyewear come supplied with an eyeglass cleaning cloth. These are easily lost or misplaced so having backups at home, office and work environment is probably a good idea.

Eyeglass cleaning cloths are designed specifically for the task of cleaning the glasses. Using other forms of cloths like dish cleaning cloths may damage and scratch the eyewear. It is for this reason that you use specialist products like microfiber cleaning cloths.

Many people use their clothes sleeves or part of the shirt/ sweatshirt to clean their eyewear but again they may be damaging their glass lens by transferring dirt and dust particles to the surface and scratching and marking the glass surface.

What Should You Use?

We encourage the use of microfiber cleaning cloths as they are effective at cleaning eyeglasses.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are effective because of the makeup of the material. This cloth is a special mix of man-made fibers polyester and polyamide. The first supply shape and structure whilst the other provides its flexibility and absorbent properties.

Hundreds of thousands of microscopic fibers are bunched together in a small area and this is what makes these cloth’s such brilliant cleaning tools. The area of the cloth encourages dirt and dust to transfer to it.

The cloths microfibers are splayed at the ends, which also adds further adhesion power for cleaning. Other fabrics don’t compare in the effectiveness of cleaning on glasses. They push spread dirt over the lens, can multiply the number of scratches to the surface.

Eye Cleaning Microfiber Cloths Quality

Microfiber cloths can come in different mixes of materials. The more absorbent materials are as expected to be more expensive.

The better cleaning cloths have a bigger fraction of polyamide compared to polyester. The actual blend is stated on a label on the cloth. If you look you should see a fraction of 70/30 and 80/20. These are found on most manufacturers. Polyester is always a bigger percentage. This maintains shape and structure.

Polyamide is the part of the blend that provides the absorbency. The cleaning cloth can have up to 30% included but these will be more expensive but better at cleaning.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After cleaning the glasses a few times, the cloths will be clogged and not as effective at cleaning. Microfiber is cost-effective because they can be cleaned and are also cheap to replace.

Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth Cleaning Instructions

The main advantage of microfiber cleaning cloths is that clean dirt from surfaces so well and the cloths retain the dirt. Due to this fact, it makes the cloths difficult to clean when they are holding dirt. The best advice is to clean the microfiber cloths immediately after you have finished eating.

Rather than build up dirt upon dirt it is best to clean as you go every time, this ensures easier cleaning. Rinsing before putting in the laundry gets as much of the dirt out as possible. Washing without rinsing will mean that dirt remains in the eye cleaning cloth.

Some manufacturers of microfiber products suggest washing with cold water, but we have found it is best to use warm water instead. Don’t use hot water just tepid warm water as you risk damaging the microfibers.

Microfiber cleaning cloths shouldn’t be cleaned with other items of laundry. The cloth’s effectiveness at picking up dust and dirt particles is designed to pick up everything, so when you put them in with your other laundry items, inadvertently they become lint traps.

What Kind of Detergent Should You Use?

The main advice we give when cleaning microfiber cloths is that the detergent should be mild. Milder detergent is best in liquid form and never powdered detergent as this will leave powder on the microfibers. Detergents made for babies are best as these should be milder to use.

Never use bleach and harsher products as this will damage the delicate microfibers.

Drying Instructions

The best solution is to air dry them outside naturally. An hour in standard heat should be sufficient, don’t leave to heat up too much. If you have a dryer, dry on the lowest setting or no heat at all on a spin.


Safety glasses and eyewear are important for visibility and should never compromise your safety. This is why that small bit of fabric is essential to carry around and use to maintain clear sight of vision.

These needn’t cost the earth and because they are supplied in multiples it allows you to place them in convenient locations so that you never come short. Always have an eyewear cleaning cloth to hand. They come in handy for cleaning your cell phone and computer screens as well!

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