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Who We Are

Who Are Safety Work Wear Guide?

Hi & welcome to Safety Work Guide. The site is run by Gareth and Anthony both safety advisers in the construction industry. We have over 30 years experience in the construction and occupational safety industry. We are passionate about workers safety and have set up the site to provide our view point and give information to those who need it.

have worked  on construction related projects nationally and internationally in jobs that require health and safety input. 

Anthony started in a family run construction business and gained qualifications whilst working there. He is married with 3 daughters. Main interests are technology and sport.

Gareth completed a  university construction course before getting a job with national contractor. He is married with 3 daughters and a son. Main interests are soccer and baseball.

Why Are You Interested In Safety Work Wear?

Rather than take a view point that PPE and safety wear is a necessary evil we aim to encourage a change of attitude from the wearer in that it is there to provide a potential guard from harm. We want you to be in one piece at the end of your working day. Lately we have seen a shift to where PPE is getting accepted especially with the younger generations.

Over the years we have come across a variety of false stories when it comes to PPE and would like to address what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to this topic.

How Are We Different To Other Sites?

We aren't out to rehash the same content over and over. We are aiming to use our experience in helping workers reach their own decisions based on reasoned information and unbiased reviews.

We hope to write in layman's terms and avoid unnecessary jargon. We do use affiliate marketing, but the reviews and information  come from colleagues and past experience on this site to enable us to fund hosting and other associated costs with running the site. 

Ultimately we are looking to provide the most up to date safety work wear advice to trade workers.